Written by Amy Jones

Struggling to think of things to do during lockdown? Fed up of bingeing the same old Netflix shows? Well you’re in luck, because we have some ideas for you right here!

Being forced to stay indoors by Covid-19 wasn’t how anyone expected to spend part of their 2020, but here we all are, bored out of our minds and even a little bit anxious at times. Whether you’re bored or just need some healthy distractions, here are some fun and positive things to do during lockdown.

1. Exercising

It’s a safe bet that the lockdown has stopped you from being as active as you once were. Or maybe you’re like me and never really participated in much exercise before. Exercise is probably the last thing on your mind but staying active and healthy is not just good for your body, studies show it is also good for your mind. During such uncertain times your mind needs that TLC. Start with something easy like beginners’ yoga or meditation. Try weightlifting (if you don’t own any weights try finding some heavy objects, maybe a tin of beans or a heavy book.) Go for a short run. Download a free fitness app and track your progress throughout the lockdown!

2. Learn a new skill

If you have a lot of spare time on your hands why not try learning something new or gaining a new skill. OpenLearn and Harvard University are offering a variety of free courses ranging in length and difficulty. Could even end up being something to add to the CV. Or maybe try a new hobby, such as knitting, embroidery, gardening, drawing, photography, journaling, baking – to name a few!

3. Plan ahead

Make a list of everything you want to do once all the uncertainty is over. You might find that you have a lot of things to look forward too.

4. Clear out your wardrobe

You kept telling yourself you would clear out your wardrobe and you never did. Now you have the perfect opportunity to go through all your clothing and decide what you can keep, donate to charity and sell. Although you can’t actually take any clothes to a charity shop at the moment, you can still put them to one side ready for when they reopen. Depop and eBay are great examples of platforms you could try selling on. After all that, you should have some more room in your wardrobe. Try to make the conscious decision to buy sustainable items and check out Boissière’s new collection!

5. Upcycle your old clothes & accessories

You don’t necessarily need a sewing machine for this, start easy with a needle and thread if that’s all you can get your hands on. Here are some creative examples you could try: Turn your old baggy jumper into a cropped one, tie dye a t-shirt, make a tote bag out of an old t-shirt or two, make a pillowcase out of your old clothes. There are plenty of video tutorials on the internet. Go and check out the tutorials posted on our blog page on how you can upcycle your old clothes https://www.boissiereclothing.co.uk/about. If you want to go a step further, hospitals throughout the UK are accepting donations of home-made scrubs, why not try making some? (Check out https://scrubhub.org.uk/ for more information.) Not only are you getting a chance to make clothing, but the clothing you are making will help our very own hardworking NHS heroes.

6. Make a list of things you’re thankful for

Write down a short list of up to 5 or 10 things in your life that you are grateful for. Anything can count, for example, one of mine is my dog who makes me smile every day. It could be used as something to reference and look back at if you’re beginning to struggle. A quick reminder that not all is bad and that you will get through this hard time.

7. Read a book

Open that book that has been sitting abandoned on your shelf unread for years. Take some time to lose yourself in a different world, away from the madness in our own. If you don’t own any books join your local library to access free e-books, audio books and much more!

8. Make a weekly schedule

Ok, maybe this one doesn’t sound super fun, but it may help you keep some level of sanity throughout the lockdown. If you’re a creature of habit like me creating a schedule will help you tackle each day as it comes. If you’re still working from home, make sure to timetable in a proper break and a walk outside at the end of your working day. If you can, dedicate a room to be classed as a work only space so that at the end of the day you can leave that space behind. If you’re not working, try splitting your day up with different activities. Make sure to do something different on the weekends to give yourself some variety.

9. Video calling friends

Plan a themed pub quiz with your friends! Make up your own rules and themes, you could even add a dress code for the video call. Play bingo - draw up your own bingo grid and get one of your friends to read out the numbers using this app iBingo caller.

10. Start a personal blog

This could be a fun way to document and track your lockdown experience. In ten years, you might want to look back on it. By sharing your day to day experiences, you could possibly help those who are struggling during this time. Share your tips and advice on ways to stay busy, recipes and creative ideas. But most importantly, take the opportunity to be yourself.

We hope this list gives you some inspiration into ways you can stay busy! Please remember to stay safe during this lockdown. Look after your mind as well as your physical health. Feel free to leave a comment down below of any other tips and ideas you can think of.

Written by Amy Jones

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