Ice Dyeing

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

How to ice dye an old t-shirt.....

What you will need -

• An old t-shirt or any old piece of clothing you want to dye.

• Dye powder, we used Dylon but there are plenty of dyes out there to choose from.

• Soda crystals

• A small bucket (you could use your washing up bucket if you have one, or even just use a sink for now)

• If you have a metal rack, possibly a rack from your oven would be great. If not just a bin bag or just something to lay your garment on when doing the dying process. (Remember it's probably best to do this outside or in your bath if you can).

First things first, fill up a mug with your soda crystals tip this into your bucket/sink and mix with water (enough so that you can soak your whole garment). You then need to soak your garment in this solution for as long as you want, it could be 5 minutes or it could be 3 hours, your choice. The soda crystals set the fabric so that when you've dyed it the colours won't fade when you wash it.

Next you will need to scrunch your t-shirt/garment and lay either on a rack/tray or plastic bag (whatever you can find) and then tip half your bag of ice cubes on top (depending on how much material there is to cover, in this instance we have used half a bag of ice)

Once you've done this you can then start to sprinkle on your dye in the areas you want it to soak through...

The less dye you use the better (if you are looking for a simple pattern) If you are looking for full coverage obviously the more dye the better.

All that's left to do is wait for your ice to melt....

Once the ice has melted you can either wash straight away or hang to dry if you're eager to see the results. If you end up feeling like it needs more dye you can always do the process again, just have fun with it!

We used Dylon Ocean Blue for these results.

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